Sophia Chatov
Oils and Mixed Media, Watercolors, and Bronzes
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Sophia F. Chatov has exhibited in the Albright-Knox Museum of Modern Art and has won awards in juried exhibitions in Western New York. She is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts, SUNY Buffalo, where she studied with Harvey Breverman, Sheldon Berlyn, et. al. She now resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she continues her artistic activity.

Her oil paintings have been described as containing elements derived from neo-abstract-expressionism; many are symbolic and programmatic, utilizing mixed media of oil, copper, acrylic, fabrics and corded objects. Sizes of these paintings range up to 5'x5'. The monumental five cubic Memorial to the Lost Jewish Community of Amsterdam, approximately 3' X 6', has moved from the Anne frank Institute in New York City and found a permanent home at The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC. Watercolors include a wide range of subjects, some along semi-representational lines, including animals, still lives, plein air, portraits and abstracts. She also works in bronze portraits, and has completed a set of full size busts and heads, as well as half-size full figures. She received a special award from the Fine Arts League of Buffalo for a bronze sculpture portrait in October 2001.

Sophia Chatov's artworks are included in over a dozen private collections across the United States, Israel and Canada. Her varied inspirations are drawn from joys and beauty now in her life, cultural observations of the modern-day, mystical themes, and hardships she endured as a very young, hunted child in Nazi-occupied Holland during World War II.

Her work is produced both independently and by commission.




© Sophia Chatov